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Virtual reality experiences

Virtual reality experiences

Virtual reality experiences go well beyond the offerings of tethered desktops, laptops, and consoles. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled world of entertainment and competition. The ePlex offers the latest technology and a large selection of games at one of the most unique gaming cafes in the South.

Are there many virtual reality games?

Virtual reality is exploding. Americans have over 14 million devices. Demand is high and developers aim to meet the need.

Studios publish first-person shooters, sports games, rhythm games, and simulation software. Popular options include Echo, Tetris, and even Resident Evil. Tournaments center around more competitive games.

What does virtual reality offer?

Virtual reality is the latest attempt to take two-dimensional software and place players in an unprecedented three-dimensional realm. Software and hardware combine to help you achieve full immersion.

Manufacturing giants and startups alike create the technical mesh allowing you to get in the game. We power our virtual reality arcade with Hewlett Packard hardware and supportive command software from Springboard VR.

Where can I play virtual reality games?

The Magic City ePlex in Birmingham, Alabama offers popular games on high-quality technology. Our staff ensures that your session is never interrupted, and you are fueled and ready for the next match

We strive to achieve an experience unlike any other. Every need is covered as you get your hands on the latest technologies. Grab a beer and relax with friends or join a league. In any case, never game alone.

Play on the latest technologies

Virtual reality is demanding. The base model Oculus rift requires at least an Intel Core i5 with a more recent generation NVIDIA graphics card. Specialized hardware such as the Zotac mini pc are built specifically for virtual reality gaming and cost as much as a high-end desktop.

We strive for 100 percent uptime. Our headsets are backed by HP Omen desktops. These systems come with high-end processors and NVIDIA graphics cards from the factory. Connect with your team and achieve flawless frame rates.

Is there a virtual reality arena?

Our arcade and café is not only a place for casual tournaments and gaming but also an arena for some of the best competitions in the state. The high school national championships will be held at the ePlex.

Come for the experience and stay for the atmosphere. We offer your party a chance to get in the game unlike ever before as well as a venue to enjoy top-notch competition.

Train your team

When you are ready to compete, we offer the hardware and technology you need to gain the most from your team. Remain untethered and respond to your team without removing your headset. Every decision can be scrutinized.

We provide everything you need in our incubator-like environment. Marketing is not the only requirement.

Virtual reality experiences in Birmingham, Alabama

Gaming is truly an experience with virtual reality. Flawless flame rates, powerful networks, Springboard VR software, and high-quality food and drink keep you in the game at the ePlex. Visit our website today.

Virtual reality experiences
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